Books by Craig W. Turner

The Kingmaker

Ben Hathaway is charged with winning an unwinnable political race. His biggest question is why.

The CampAIgn

It's man vs. machine in the effort to elect the first artificial intelligence to public office.

The Garden

A team of scientists must beat the clock to undertake the most ambitious time travel mission in the history of the program – to the Garden of Eden.

Wilton's Gold - Book 1: Fortune

Discovering time travel ended up being the easy part. Dr. Jeff Jacobs' mission to disrupt the infamous Wilton Heist yields a bigger haul than he'd counted on.

Wilton's Gold - Book 3: Fate

Discovering a new reality that he may or may not have been responsible for, Dr. Jeff Jacobs must race to fix a dangerous future.

Border Troubles

The Niagara Falls political elite announce the construction of the city's newest casino. But there's a dark story behind it, and people are starting to talk.


About Craig W. Turner

Craig W. Turner is the author of ten (10) books, including his political thrillers, THE CAMPaiGN and THE KINGMAKER, and his non-fiction books on running effective local political campaigns. With more than 25 years’ experience in media, PR, economic development, campaign management and government relations, his newest novel, THE INFAMOUS JERSEY SHORE PICKPOCKET RING OF 1979, pulls directly from his experiences in recognition that often real life can be even more interesting than fiction.


Craig W. Turner is THE CAMPAIGN COACH!

Craig's political work isn't relegated to just fiction. THE CAMPAIGN COACH program, which Craig started in 2015, offers insights and high-level strategies to take your local political campaign to the next level.