The CampAIgn by Craig W. Turner

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The CampAIgn, Craig W. Turner, politics, elections, political thriller, upstate new york, artificial intelligence

Restaurateur Charles Denz has always had political aspirations, and when his good friend, the Mayor of Lakeside, a small city in Upstate New York, tells him that he’s retiring and wants Charles to take the seat, he’s all in. The fact that Republicans have held the office for a half-century certainly helps make the case.

In Washington, Democrats have been pitched a new concept: running an artificial intelligence entity for office. The technology is ready, but polling shows America is not, so they authorize throwing some resources at a pilot project in a local race where they might not otherwise have a chance. A nationwide search leads them to Lakeside, New York.

Now, this quiet community is the battleground for man vs. machine, and the walk-right-in race that Charles envisioned has become an expensive, globally-televised and life-changing fight to the finish.


Reviews of The CampAIgn

“The CampAIgn is not simply a story about man versus technology. It is about political manipulation and strategy. Its a verbose assault on the shamelessness of campaigns and the media attention surrounding them.” – Amazon Reviewer

“Technology scares me. Not using it but what happens if the power goes out, and way too much information is floating in the cloud. This book certainly didn’t reassure me.” – Amazon Reviewer

“I was captivated by the characters, challenged by the pros & cons analysis, and inspired by the possibilities.” – Amazon Reviewer

“Political junkies should find this book very entertaining, and it is fair to say that a good part of this fiction tale could be considered non-fiction.” – Amazon Reviewer

“The political campaigns are so real I sometimes felt I was reading the actual news.” – Amazon Reviewer


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