“The CampAIgn” Kicks Off on 1/25

TONAWANDA, NY (Jan. 24) – WNY author, small business owner and political consultant Craig W. Turner announced the launch his new political thriller, The CampAIgn, on January 25, 2022. The CampAIgn tells the story of the first-ever attempt to run an artificial intelligence for public office, and the election where it happens.

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“Growing up, we all heard that someday computers will take over jobs for humans,” said Turner. “It seemed far-fetched at the time, but now we see it happening daily. In the genre of what I’ve been calling science not-so-fiction, The CampAIgn details the human reaction to the idea of technology taking over one of our most important responsibilities – political leadership.”

Set in rural Upstate New York, The CampAIgn exists at the intersection of politics and technology:

Restaurateur Charles Denz has always had political aspirations, and when his good friend, the Mayor of Lakeside, a small city in Upstate New York, tells him that he’s retiring and wants Charles to take the seat, he’s all in. The fact that Republicans have held the office for a half-century certainly helps make the case.

In Washington, Democrats have been pitched a new concept: running an artificial intelligence entity for office. The technology is ready, but polling shows America is not, so they authorize throwing some resources at a pilot project in a local race where they might not otherwise have a chance. A nationwide search leads them to Lakeside, New York.

Now, this quiet community is the battleground for man vs. machine, and the walk-right-in race that Charles envisioned has become an expensive, globally-televised and life-changing fight to the finish.

The CampAIgn is Turner’s 8th book, including his WILTON’S GOLD time travel trilogy, THE GARDEN, and his non-fiction books on running effective local political campaigns. Turner is founder and president of Momentum Public Affairs, a public relations and marketing firm with offices in Western New York and Tampa, FL. A veteran political consultant, Craig also founded The Campaign Coach, a national campaign management and training program for first-time local candidates, in 2015.

“When you choose to write from-the-headlines type material, it can easily become a race against reality,” Turner said. “With the research I’ve done to create this story, it will come as no surprise to me – and, I think, to anyone who reads the book – to soon see an artificial intelligence proposed and positioned for political office. Just hope to sell enough books before it happens!”

The CampAIgn is available on Amazon.com in both Kindle and paperback formats.