The Kingmaker – A political thriller by Craig W. Turner

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politics, campaigns, craigwturner, political thriller, elections, local politics, cleveland, northeast ohioBen Hathaway, a rising star in Cleveland politics, took one for the team. To protect his boss – and his career – he served three years in prison for a diabolical campaign scheme gone bad. Never said a word. Now that he’s out and looking to get back on track, though, the people he was so loyal to have turned their backs on him.

Hell bent on revenge, he decides to take on the world alone and starts his own consulting firm. But things are going slowly, and feelings of defeat are creeping in. In the cutthroat world of local politics, for Ben the writing is on the wall – his comeback is not meant to be.

Ben’s hopes are revived, however, when he’s approached by a mysterious and well-funded organization with an impossible task for him: win an unwinnable race for Cleveland city council that for a reason unbeknownst to him has national implications. He’s back in the spotlight, in a position to achieve his loftiest goals, and facing stakes that he never even imagined existed. But first, he must figure out who hired him, what they’re after, and why they believe he’s the guy to get the job done.


Reviews of The Kingmaker

“A fascinating dive into the mechanics and seamy underside of politics and of all that it takes to build a successful candidate as well as the machine to get him/her in office.” – Amazon

“What a dramatic page-turner – I couldn’t put it down!” – Amazon

“I just loved this book, it’s fast-paced, very well written, it’s near to a political campaign reality, and it just shows how people can be manipulated for the good and for the bad.” – Goodreads

“A great mix of cloak and dagger, mystery, politics and even a little celebrity tabloidism.” – BookSirens