The Campaign Coach’s Campaign Blueprint: From Campaign Kickoff through Election Night and Beyond: the How-To Guide for Local Candidates

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election, campaign, craig w turner, local electionsRunning for local office? Have you noticed yet that people who promised to help are nowhere to be found? The Campaign Coach Craig Turner, isn’t going to leave you to fend for yourself. Running for office is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your life, but it’s also one of the toughest. In his Campaign Blueprint, Craig unveils the secrets to not only running a successful campaign, but becoming an effective leader in office, by answering your questions, such as: Who are you, and why are you running for office? Why can’t I get the media to pay attention to my campaign? Should I “go negative”? What do I do with someone who says they’d like to “get involved” in the campaign? and the critically-important but often overlooked… How do I raise money? This is no Level 101 campaign guide. Craig Turner has included insights from more than 20 years in government, politics, media, public relations and marketing into the Campaign Blueprint, and added real-life wisdom from dozens of his clients and guest on The Campaign Coach Podcast.


Running, Winning, Serving: The Candidate’s Guide to Local Elections

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election, campaign, craig w turner, local electionsWhen you’re running for local office for the first time, there are plenty of mistakes you can make. The good thing is that you’re not the first person ever to face the challenges of running for office – even though sometimes it might seem like it. In this book Craig W. Turner collects stories, advice, warnings and best practices from local candidates from around the country who have been there and done that. They’ve already seen what you’re about to see, and they’ve generously shared their experiences for the benefit of you and other first-time candidates for local office. This is no poli-sci class. This is “in the trenches” life experience. Everyone interviewed for this book as part of The Campaign Coach Podcast, has run and won at least one election. Some are now retired, some have moved on to higher office, and some are still serving in the capacity we discussed in their interview. In these pages, you will find insights that no guidebook or online course can give you – they will inspire you, and scare you, and motivate you and smack you in the face with a reality check. But, they will also make you a stronger candidate. Whether it’s talking with voters, fundraising, understanding local government policy, promoting your candidacy or even knowing how to best serve your community, learning from these people’s experiences – and avoiding mistakes that they’ve already made for you – will give you a leg up on any opponent.


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