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Discussing The CampAIgn on the SNCC Podcast

In this episode of South Niagara Conversations, recorded on May 4, 2022, we discuss the practicality of Craig W. Turner’s novel, the CampAIgn, in our current political system. Dolores and Chris welcome author Craig W. Turner, Joanne Heritz, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Brock University, and Dave Meslin, author of TEARDOWN: Rebuilding Democracy from […]

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Writing Reality: When the Real World Doesn’t Cooperate

The old adage, “write what you know,” has been an important source of inspiration for me. Having spent twenty-plus years in the trenches of government, politics, media and economic development in Western New York, not only do I have the experience and insight to write authentic stories from the political arena, but I have more […]

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