The Infamous Jersey Shore Pickpocket Ring of 1979, a Novel by Craig W. Turner, Coming Mid-April

AMHERST, NY (March 23) – Political thriller author Craig W. Turner today announced that his newest book, his 10th, THE INFAMOUS JERSEY SHORE PICKPOCKET RING OF 1979, will be released in mid-April. For this novel, Jersey Shore native Turner returns to his roots, while incorporating his “in the trenches” perspectives on local politics.

“Of all the books I’ve written, this one is the most personal,” said Turner. “Several years back, I scribbled a note about using my late father, a photographer, and my late step-father, a jeweler, in some kind of crime novel. The idea sat, until I mentioned it to a colleague, who encouraged me to follow up on it. I developed a storyline involving crime and politics on the Jersey Shore, and am just thrilled that, in building it, I felt like I got to spend a year with both of them.”

Jersey Shore, New Jersey, Seaside Heights, Boardwalk, author, political thriller, political fiction, crime fiction, novel, craig turner, craig w. turnerTurner, who grew up in Brick, NJ, and visits family in Toms River regularly, calls upon many memories and real-life experiences to create JERSEY SHORE PICKPOCKETS. The story spans from 1979 to the present, and includes many real-world references to Seaside Heights and the surrounding areas.

“As I’m talking about the book via social media, I have continually been approached by folks from all over, whose families have been going to the Jersey Shore for vacation for years, offering their own memories,” Turner said. “I’m hoping the story provides them the same memories, nostalgia and warm feelings as I was able to experience while writing it. If you’re a fan of the Jersey Shore, I guarantee you, something will connect.”

While much of Turner’s story is based on real-life memories, the premise, itself – buried gold under the Seaside Heights Boardwalk, and the ensuing chaos in creates – is fictional. Here’s the overview:

Martin Ebel is about to be embarrassed in his upcoming re-election bid, and he knows it. As mayor of tourist haven Seaside Heights, New Jersey, he hasn’t done a great job, and is trying to convince voters who may or may not even be in town this summer that they should give him another chance. The writing is on the wall, though: he needs to start looking for a new career.

Opportunity strikes for Martin, though, when he’s approached by Peter Blythe, a South Jersey native who tells him a grand story of buried gold jewelry under the Seaside Boardwalk. Despite horrible odds, it’s just believable enough that the mayor decides to take a stab at it, in a Hail Mary pass to salvage his political career.

Turns out, he’s been told the truth: an excavation reveals the treasure is somehow still there. But as the murky nature of how it got there comes clear, Martin must navigate a plot decades in the making, legal, political and personal challenges, and his own family’s history through a maze that may save him from crushing defeat… Or ensure it.

THE INFAMOUS JERSEY SHORE PICKPOCKET RING OF 1979 will be available on Amazon Kindle or in paperback on April 19.


Craig W. Turner is the author of ten (10) books, including his political thrillers, THE CAMPaiGN and THE KINGMAKER, and his non-fiction books on running effective local political campaigns. With more than 25 years’ experience in media, PR, economic development, campaign management and government relations, his newest novel, THE INFAMOUS JERSEY SHORE PICKPOCKET RING OF 1979, pulls directly from his experiences in recognition that often real life can be even more interesting than fiction.