THE GARDEN (Get it on Amazon)

It is 2109, and Dr. Landon Tripathi arrives in Greensboro, NC as India’s new representative at the international Space and Time Program, known as SATP (SAT-pee), full of ideas and promise.

Less than 48 hours into his new role, though, SATP is in the crosshairs of the U.S. President, details of his predecessor’s mysterious disappearance surface, and the organization’s world-renowned hero, Dr. Robert Mulvaney, is being accused of using time travel to perpetrate some of the worst crimes in history.

To save SATP, and themselves, Landon and his new colleagues must beat the clock to undertake the most ambitious time travel mission in the history of the program – to the Garden of Eden, where science and religion will clash in a debate that suddenly is no longer limited to doctrines and theories.