While Everyone’s Waiting for October 21, I’m Waiting for September 14

BTTF Time CircuitsIt was a no-brainer a few years ago to predict that people would be excitedly anticipating October 21, 2015 as it approached. Marty McFly and Doc Brown’s arrival in the “future” would – and has – set off a flurry of activity surround Back to the Future and time travel. There has been a slew of time travel-related movies lately, live BTTF events drawing tens of thousands of people, a new time travel show on Disney Channel, and tech companies racing to create the world’s first commercial hoverboard. It’s an unbelievably exciting time for sci-fi fans!

In the meantime, I’m finding myself more-and-more excited about another milestone date – September 14, 2015. While I understand it doesn’t have the global panache of the date of Marty and Doc’s arrival in 2015, personally it will bring a certain satisfaction, as it’s the day that the story in my own time travel trilogy, WILTON’S GOLD, kicks off. As a writer, I’m realizing for the first time how unique and fascinating an experience it is to have a moment in time that you predicted – even in a fictional way – approaching, and now less than a month away.

September 14, 2015 wasn’t chosen at random. While WILTON’S GOLD was always intended to kick off in late 2015 (why waste the momentum for the genre?), I chose September 14 as a tribute to my late step-father, Peter, who was one of the few who recognized early on how much I loved writing, and was always encouraging. He even read the crappy screenplay I wrote freshman year of college, cover-to-cover. Yeah, it was crap. September 14 is his birthday.

And… A Contest

Can’t waste a good milestone, right? So I’ve conjured up a contest: For anyone who downloads (for just $2.99) WILTON’S GOLD – BOOK ONE: FORTUNE on Kindle between now and 9/14/15 and tells me about it on Twitter or Facebook, I’ll enter you in a drawing for a complete soft cover set of the WILTON’S GOLD time travel trilogy (autographed). Which you’ll have in plenty of time to read while you’re standing in Hill Valley, California on October 21 waiting for a DeLorean to appear out of thin air! Deal?

For the record, don’t be misled by all this attention on my own books, though – I’m waiting for October 21 as much as anyone. Hell, I’ve been blogging about it for over two years, and I may be dressed like Marty that evening.