New Short Story – “Black 17”

Posted my short story “Black 17” today. Hope you’ll take a minute (it’s a really quick read!) to check it out.

I like going back to this story because it was my first foray into time travel. My question at the time was, “What if you went back in time to fix something and only ended up screwing it up more?” As I worked on my new time travel trilogy, that’s been the beauty of the project for me – the sheer number of “What if?” questions that can come from it. Of course, I never realized just how many twists and turns time travel can take until I really got deep into the story. Just facscinating.

Of course, the twists and turns are only “interesting.” It’s the emotion that comes along with them. In “Black 17” I tried to capture the hopelessness of failing at a second chance. How would any of us feel in that situation?

Please, if you need a short diversion, take a read through my story and leave a comment – let me know what you think. Better yet, let me know how you’d feel if you swung at the same pitch twice and missed both times…