If I could time travel (Sports Edition)…

A big question in time travel fantasy is: What would be the first place/time I would visit?

In my HISTORY AMENDED trilogy, my character Dr. Jeff Jacobs makes himself his time travel test case. He chooses a famous sporting event from history to see. I’m not going to give away what it is, but anyone who knows me can probably figure out that it happened in a baseball stadium.

In truth, going back in time to witness a sporting event is pretty innocuous. Unless you do something rash like streak across the field, there’s not too big a chance that you’ll be noticed. As a result, there’s probably a low liability of changing anything that could affect history when you returned to the present. It’s a good test option if you ever find yourself with the ability to time travel.

So, if you could time travel, what moment in sports history would be your first choice to experience live?