Dreams and Writing

My novel, HISTORY AMENDED – BOOK ONE: FORTUNE, was – in all seriousness – the result of a dream.

About a year-and-a-half ago, I woke up in the middle of the night from a dream in which my son, Joel, and I had traveled back in time. We were in the 1950s in some non-descript elderly couple’s house. There was $50 sitting on a table in the living room and no one was around. In the dream, I thought that if we were to take that $50 and return to the present with it, it would be the perfect crime. There was no way of tracking the cash, and some 60 years into the future the point would be moot.

OK – psychoanalyze me all you want for wanting to steal $50 from an old couple in the ’50s. I actually don’t think I took the money in the dream. But what I did do was wake up and immediately write down the concept – the importance of having a handy notebook by the side of the bed. Later, I e-mailed a quick write-up of the idea to myself (I still have it, dated 1/2/11), and in the next 12 months I turned it into a completed manuscript. Little did I know that would turn into a trilogy, and I’m now about halfway finished with BOOK TWO: FULFILLMENT.

I love dreams, what they tell me about myself and where they allow my creativity to take me. It’s why I keep that notebook and pen by the bed.

Have you ever had a dream where you woke up and said, “That would be an awesome book/movie?”