Current Project: History Amended

I am currently shopping my next book – HISTORY AMENDED – BOOK ONE: FORTUNE – to literary agents for publication. HISTORY AMENDED is a time travel trilogy featuring Dr. Jeff Jacobs, a physicist who has stumbled upon the ability to travel through time. But he’s not quite ready to make his findings public – mainly because he doesn’t necessarily trust what anyone else would do with the technology.

But time travel experiments are costly, and Jeff has to find a way to finance his work without shining a spotlight on himself. He devises a plan: find moments in history where there is valid documentation that a specific treasure is readily available for the taking. He starts by creating a team that includes a historian, a mathematician (to help precisely plot his missions) and “muscle,” in case anything goes awry. Their first target is Joe Wilton, a California gold rusher whose historically-preserved diary details how he was overtaken by bandits and robbed of 60 bars of gold while traveling through the isolated Sierra Nevadas in 1849.

Gold bars are key for Jeff, because they’re something that can be moved in the present time. Since subtlety is important to him, he can’t show up back in the present time with gold doubloons from a pirate ship or treasures from Ancient Egypt. It has to be believable. But Jeff’s not a bad guy, either. He has no intention of changing history to ruin someone’s family’s financial well-being. So stealing gold that’s about to be stolen anyway seems pretty altruistic, right?

I’ve created fictional accounts for Jeff to engage in, as he also travels to the Prohibition Era and Colonial America in search of treasure. Think about real life, though… Do any instances stand out in your mind that could be a target?

If you could use time travel to dip into any real life historical account and return to the present with a treasure, where would you go?