Reading with Emotion

I don’t read with emotion. For some reason, the way I approach a novel is to get lost in story structure, get deep into the characters and what makes them tick, and try to imagine myself in their situations. I often fly right past the emotion – whether it be sadness, happiness, anger or humor. […]

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Series vs. Standalone Novels

As a writer seeking publication, I am consistently researching best practices on attracting the attention of an agent or publisher. What’s funny (well, not “ha ha” funny) is that the more advice I get, the more conflicting points of view I get, as well. Case in point, the other day I jumped onto a Twitter […]

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Killing Off Main Characters

I just finished reading a thriller by one of my favorite authors (not going to say which because I don’t want to give anything away). It featured an ensemble cast of characters, many of which were killed off as the book progressed – including the character who was obviously the protagonist. It was an interesting […]

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