Inside the mind of Elmore Leonard’s researcher

I recently submitted a short story for possible inclusion in an upcoming anthology that will be dedicated to the writing and style of the late Elmore Leonard. Leonard (GET SHORTY, RUM PUNCH, OUT OF SIGHT)┬áhas long been my favorite author and in many ways the inspiration for my own style of writing. Especially in the […]

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Time Travel is “In”

In the Spring of 2013, I went to see Star Trek: Into Darkness. As is the case with motion picture marketing now, there were nine (9) previews before the movie started. I happen to like previews, so seeing that green screen come up telling you that your movie isn’t starting just quite yet isn’t a […]

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Google Street View and Novel Settings

I often mindlessly search Google Street View during conference calls – not the ones where I have to weigh into the conversation, but the ones where I just have to listen in to a presentation. while I hear the presentation. My staff knows this little hobby of mine and usually asks me where I’m going […]

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