November is National Novel Writing Month

What’s good about leftover giant bowls of candy laying around the house is that endless amounts of sugar can provide short bursts of energy – a necessity since November is¬†National Novel Writing Month, or, as it’s known on Twitter,¬†#NaNoWriMo. As it’s billed on the official web site, “Thirty days and nights of literary abandon.” Personally, […]

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How to Write a Banned Book

It’s no mystery why people love things that are banned. The theory behind it has been called psychological reactance, which simply stated means that people’s desire for freedom kicks into gear when a restriction is put on them. We all know it happens – whether it’s the hot girl in high school who was dating […]

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Sources of Inspiration

I don’t think I’m abnormal as a writer in that I love writing and… let’s say… am not a big fan of editing. No matter how busy a day I had at work, I find I can sit down and write a couple thousand words. Doesn’t feel like work at all. Just an enjoyable expression […]

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The Movie Wasn’t as Good as the Book…

I suppose as an author (as opposed to a screenwriter), my headline above should come out of my mouth more often. But I do love movies, so I often end up on the wrong side of that statement. Maybe it’s because life is busy, and there’s a satisfaction that comes with being “fed” a movie […]

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Foreign Languages in English Novels

I could use some feedback…. I’m working on the second book in the HISTORY AMENDED trilogy, a part of which takes place in Russia. As I’ve been writing the first draft, my intent has been to write the parts that are spoken in Russian in actual Russian without translation, and then refer to the translation […]

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How I Use Improv (Kind Of) in My Writing

I picked up this article off of Twitter the other day (thanks @caferebee for posting): Top 10 Essentials to a Writer’s Life, published by Writer’s Digest. I particularly like #5 on the list – “Knowing where to stop.” I’ve always found that to be a worthwhile practice, closing up shop for the night at a […]

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