Excitement about Revisiting BTTF in 2015

Yesterday, all over social media was a video of world-famous skateboarder Tony Hawk riding a successfully-conceived hoverboard. For Back to the Future fans of my own intensity, our jealousy in this matter knows no bounds. Check it out here: As I wrote my time travel series, WILTON’S GOLD, due out in December from Writer’s Edge […]

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Like to poke holes in science fiction? Take Princess Elsa’s advice

A former colleague¬†of mine, every time Star Wars was mentioned (which, since I was in the office, was pretty often) would automatically go into a¬†diatribe that he can’t get into the movie because there’s no sound in space. That the entire saga was ruined for him because he couldn’t get over the fact that TIE […]

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Marty McFly Trending

Time travel is making a comeback! As I’ve been pitching my time travel trilogy, WILTON’S GOLD, I’ve extended my belief that there will be a revival in time travel interest in 2015. Next year being, of course, the year that Marty McFly visited in Back to the Future II. I’ve been making the case, using […]

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