Time Travel Concepts: Multiple Versions of Characters

If you screw around with time travel enough, in theory you’ll ultimately end up with a scenario where you have multiple versions of yourself. It’s a simple concept if you think about it. If I’m 30 years old and I go back in time 10 years, there will be two versions of me – a […]

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Is Time Travel Possible?

In writing HISTORY AMENDED, I held fast to the belief that in a time travel story an author can’t gloss over the mechanism his characters use to make it happen. Despite the fact that if you Google time travel you’ll find overwhelming consensus from the scientific world that time travel is impossible, it continues to […]

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Best Time Travel Movies

There are lots of time travel books and movies out there. So much so, in fact, that as I wrote HISTORY AMENDED – PART ONE: FORTUNE, I went to great lengths to respect the feel of the genre while not duplicating what’s already been done. In fact (and I HATE to say this), while researching […]

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Dreams and Writing

My novel, HISTORY AMENDED – BOOK ONE: FORTUNE, was – in all seriousness – the result of a dream. About a year-and-a-half ago, I woke up in the middle of the night from a dream in which my son, Joel, and I had traveled back in time. We were in the 1950s in some non-descript […]

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If I could time travel (Sports Edition)…

A big question in time travel fantasy is: What would be the first place/time I would visit? In my HISTORY AMENDED trilogy, my character Dr. Jeff Jacobs makes himself his time travel test case. He chooses a famous sporting event from history to see. I’m not going to give away what it is, but anyone […]

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Current Project: History Amended

I am currently shopping my next book – HISTORY AMENDED – BOOK ONE: FORTUNE – to literary agents for publication. HISTORY AMENDED is a time travel trilogy featuring Dr. Jeff Jacobs, a physicist who has stumbled upon the ability to travel through time. But he’s not quite ready to make his findings public – mainly […]

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