Back to the Future 2015 – Are We Falling Short?

On October 21, 2015, we’ll revisit the day that Marty McFly arrived in the future in Back to the Future II. Social media is alive, measuring our real-life 2015 against the one created by Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis in 1989. Much of it has proven to be wishful thinking because in some areas we haven’t advanced as much as Hollywood had thought we would. Still, we should give ourselves credit since we have actually crossed some of Back the Future II’s advancements off of our list. Here’s a list of predictions we’ve already achieved, and where we’re falling short.


hoverboard 1. Hoverboard
Perhaps the coolest of future innovations that Marty encountered was the hoverboard – we’ve been dreaming of it ever since! Tech companies like Lexus have produced models that make great YouTube videos, but the average consumer is pretty far away from having access to a Pit Bull!
maryttv1. Multi-Channel TV
To the great benefit of fantasy football fans everywhere, the technology that Marty Jr. used to soak in as much television as possible at one time is available. Though they didn’t forecast that in 2015 at least one of his channels would had to have been the Real Housewives of Hill Valley!
griff 2. Bionic Implants
There’s good reason why we don’t have these yet – they’re illegal, even in 2015. While Griff has super strength and (for some reason) the ability to grow taller, Doc’s newspaper says the implants are illegal. Posters around Hill Valley urge voters to “Vote Yes on Proposition 237” to “Legalize Bionics.”
marty-mcfly-needles2. Video Conferencing
This is an easy one – we’ve had video conferencing for a while. In fact, we’re far enough along in teleconferencing that we’ve established casual use of it on our phones. Isn’t it funny that after Marty hangs up from his video call, he’s then fired by fax?! How 1990s!
Martyjacketdry3. Self-Fitting/Drying Clothes
Probably something we can get by without, though it’s undeniable that the adjustable waist pants we do have are very convenient. Anyone else wonder why one of the arms on Marty Jr.’s jacket didn’t work? Was it a style, or were they insinuating that they couldn’t afford a working coat?
back-to-the-future-jaws-19-571x3003. Holograms
No, we don’t see holograms on the street corner like in Hill Valley 2015, but they’re out there. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) “Science on a Sphere” is a great example. And Steven Spielberg gave up sharks for dinosaurs in 1993, so we never got close to Jaws 19.
flyingpolicecar 4. Flying Cars
Who of us watching Back to the Future II in the late ’80s didn’t think that we would have flying cars by the time we got to 2015? It seemed like a given. But as far as anyone can tell, we’re not even close. Our progress has been in how we power cars, but even then we’re still waiting for Mr. Fusion!
lorraine4. Voice-Activated Appliances
We aren’t quite to the point where our kitchen appliances are voice-activated, but our car stereo, our home security system and our home entertainment center are. We might even be better off than BTTF’s 2015, since Marty Jr. had to yell at the house to drop fruit down from the ceiling.
hydratepizza 5. Rehydrated Pizza
When Lorraine holds up the Pizza Hut package as the family sits down for dinner, it reads, “Remove from foil, rehydrate for two seconds.” While we can prepare food pretty quickly, we haven’t yet been able to satisfy our impatience for a delicious dinner as expediently as in BTTF II.
miamibaseball5. Professional Baseball in Miami
It’s not a technological innovation, but BTTF II did predict a Major League Baseball team in Miami. They may not have many fans, but the Marlins have actually won two World Series since their inception in 1993. Now, the Cubs in the World Series, well, maybe the 2015 prediction is more right on than we imagined!

What advancements in time travel movies would you most like to see become reality?