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Welcome to my blog.

I’ve created this web site to help me to build a platform for myself as an author, and for creating interactivity with what will ultimately become an audience. I’ve been writing novels for about 15 years now (written five of them), but haven’t been able to break through with a publisher yet. When you’ve studied publishing as long as I have, you know that getting published isn’t just about telling a good story – it’s about an author’s ability to market him or herself. So, this is me marketing myself.

This blog is not going to be about my thoughts on life or sports or politics. It’s going to be about my project – I am currently working on a time travel trilogy. Putting myself into my characters’ shoes as they deal with the repercussions of changing history has been fascinating, and when I talk about what I’m doing with other people, I get some fantastic thoughts and opinions. I determined this blog (and its complementary social media outlets) could be a great place to capture some of that. I’m very interested in what people think about time travel, and how they would react if faced with the same challenges as my characters. That’s what this web site is about.

Part of this for me is “getting out there.” So, while I work on my time travel project (Book One of the “History Amended” trilogy is complete and being shopped to agents; I’m halfway through Book Two), I used a neat service provided by Amazon to self-publish my last novel, BORDER TROUBLES (print | Kindle). I’m excited. While it’s not the same as getting that phone call that you’re being offered a contract, it’s pretty cool to hold in my hand a product that I created start-to-finish. I hope you’ll check it out.

So, thanks for visiting. I hope I can provoke your time travel fantasies enough to comment every once in a while.