Reading with Emotion

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I don’t read with emotion. For some reason, the way I approach a novel is to get lost in story structure, get deep into the characters and what makes them tick, and try to imagine myself in their situations. I often fly right past the emotion – whether it be sadness, happiness, anger or humor. When people describe to me… Read more »

Series vs. Standalone Novels

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As a writer seeking publication, I am consistently researching best practices on attracting the attention of an agent or publisher. What’s funny (well, not “ha ha” funny) is that the more advice I get, the more conflicting points of view I get, as well. Case in point, the other day I jumped onto a Twitter Q&A with an agent that… Read more »

Killing Off Main Characters

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I just finished reading a thriller by one of my favorite authors (not going to say which because I don’t want to give anything away). It featured an ensemble cast of characters, many of which were killed off as the book progressed – including the character who was obviously the protagonist. It was an interesting twist, but it made me… Read more »

Short Story – Dumb Crime

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I’ve posted one of my short stories – “Dumb Crime” – on the site. It was one of those stories that came to me a few years back in a flash, probably when I was standing in line at the grocery store or somewhere equally as tedious. I remember writing it in a matter of days. If you have 10… Read more »

Time Travel Concepts: Multiple Versions of Characters

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If you screw around with time travel enough, in theory you’ll ultimately end up with a scenario where you have multiple versions of yourself. It’s a simple concept if you think about it. If I’m 30 years old and I go back in time 10 years, there will be two versions of me – a 20-year-old living a “normal” life… Read more »

Is Time Travel Possible?

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In writing HISTORY AMENDED, I held fast to the belief that in a time travel story an author can’t gloss over the mechanism his characters use to make it happen. Despite the fact that if you Google time travel you’ll find overwhelming consensus from the scientific world that time travel is impossible, it continues to be a key concept in… Read more »