New Short Story – “Black 17”

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Posted my short story “Black 17” today. Hope you’ll take a minute (it’s a really quick read!) to check it out. I like going back to this story because it was my first foray into time travel. My question at the time was, “What if you went back in time to fix something and only ended up screwing it up… Read more »

My “Idea Museum”

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A couple weeks ago, I was in my basement looking for a book – my Philip K. Dick short story collection – because I wanted to read his piece, “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale,” on which the movie Total Recall was based. We moved into our house about three years ago, so I was looking for a specific… Read more »

NOT Surrounding Yourself with “Yes-Men”

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I played high school football. At 165 pounds, I am certain I was the lightest right guard in Buffalo Public Schools football history, but I fared pretty well. My coach was a notorious tough guy – I don’t think I ever saw him smile. He used to give us half-a-cup of watered down Gatorade at halftime and that was it…. Read more »

November is National Novel Writing Month

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What’s good about leftover giant bowls of candy laying around the house is that endless amounts of sugar can provide short bursts of energy – a necessity since November is¬†National Novel Writing Month, or, as it’s known on Twitter,¬†#NaNoWriMo. As it’s billed on the official web site, “Thirty days and nights of literary abandon.” Personally, I’ll be taking a different… Read more »

Where Have All the Good Quotes Gone?

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“A penny saved is a penny earned.” “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” “Give me liberty or give me death.” I feel like we’re not getting high quality quotes anymore. Other than movie lines, I can’t remember quoting anyone… Read more »

How to Write a Banned Book

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It’s no mystery why people love things that are banned. The theory behind it has been called psychological reactance, which simply stated means that people’s desire for freedom kicks into gear when a restriction is put on them. We all know it happens – whether it’s the hot girl in high school who was dating someone else, the brownies that… Read more »