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Why Genealogy and Time Travel are a Bad Match

“If you could go back in time and change one thing in your life, what would it be?” I have the great fortune of having had a wealthy great uncle invest some money into my family’s genealogy. He had 50 beautiful, hard-cover books printed that extends one branch of my family back to the 1400s or so… I don’t know… Read more »

THE GARDEN Now Available

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Download THE GARDEN for just $2.99 on Amazon Kindle! It is 2109, and Dr. Landon Tripathi arrives in Greensboro, NC as India’s new representative at the international Space and Time Program, known as SATP (SAT-pee), full of ideas and promise. Less than 48 hours into his new role, though, SATP is in the crosshairs of the U.S. President, details of his… Read more »

Short Story: Larson Atwood and the Stiletto Bureau of Tourism

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by Craig W. Turner Sheriff Larson Atwood pulled his big boot down off of his desk. With a thud, it landed on the floor, eclipsing the squeal of his wooden chair as his weight shifted. He might’ve nodded off, but couldn’t tell. He’d been daydreaming about a platter of slow-roasted Tennessee barbecue and then suddenly had a vision of Milly… Read more »

Who’s Reality is it Anyway?

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In the middle of writing my time travel series, WILTON’S GOLD (Amazon Kindle), I had the opportunity to visit the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian. I was standing in front of General George Washington’s uniform that he wore during the American Revolution and a wave of emotion hit me. I realized that had the man that wore that uniform… Read more »

Props for Writing Time Travel

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Like any time travel story, my trilogy WILTON’S GOLD has many different settings. With the constant changes, I had to re-frame my thinking often as I was writing to capture the settings and, more importantly, the “feel” of each time and location. The central focus of the WILTON’S GOLD series is the ambush of gold rusher Joe Wilton in August… Read more »

Get the WILTON’S GOLD Time Travel Trilogy Today!

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Download BOOK 1: FORTUNE for just $2.99 on Amazon Kindle! *** WILTON’S GOLD – BOOK ONE: FORTUNE (Amazon Kindle) Discovering time travel ended up being the easy part. Unfortunately, along the way Dr. Jeff Jacobs also discovered how expensive time travel research can be. But he’s developed a unique scheme to fund his experiments: pinpoint specific moments in history where there… Read more »