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Get the WILTON’S GOLD Time Travel Trilogy Today!

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Download BOOK 1: FORTUNE for just $2.99 on Amazon Kindle! *** WILTON’S GOLD – BOOK ONE: FORTUNE (Amazon Kindle) Discovering time travel ended up being the easy part. Unfortunately, along the way Dr. Jeff Jacobs also discovered how expensive time travel research can be. But he’s developed a unique scheme to fund his experiments: pinpoint specific moments in history where there… Read more »

While Everyone’s Waiting for October 21, I’m Waiting for September 14

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It was a no-brainer a few years ago to predict that people would be excitedly anticipating October 21, 2015 as it approached. Marty McFly and Doc Brown’s arrival in the “future” would – and has – set off a flurry of activity surround Back to the Future and time travel. There has been a slew of time travel-related movies lately, live BTTF… Read more »

Challenges of Writing Time Travel

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Now that the WILTON’S GOLD time travel series is “out there,” (Writer’s Edge Publishing – Kindle | Nook) and being read, and as people ask me questions about my writing process, it’s been interesting to take a look back at what the challenges were in writing the trilogy. Time travel is a different kind of animal, and I tell anyone… Read more »

Wilton’s Gold Covers Reveal!

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I cannot explain how exciting it is to be only weeks away from my time travel series, WILTON’S GOLD, being launched by Writer’s Edge Publishing! Manuscripts have been edited, edited again, and delivered back to the publisher, and are now simply going through the formatting process. Over four years of my life spent working on this series, and over twenty… Read more »

Time Travel is “In”

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In the Spring of 2013, I went to see Star Trek: Into Darkness. As is the case with motion picture marketing now, there were nine (9) previews before the movie started. I happen to like previews, so seeing that green screen come up telling you that your movie isn’t starting just quite yet isn’t a problem (though in general I… Read more »

How to Write a Banned Book

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It’s no mystery why people love things that are banned. The theory behind it has been called psychological reactance, which simply stated means that people’s desire for freedom kicks into gear when a restriction is put on them. We all know it happens – whether it’s the hot girl in high school who was dating someone else, the brownies that… Read more »