Best Time Travel Movies

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There are lots of time travel books and movies out there. So much so, in fact, that as I wrote HISTORY AMENDED – PART ONE: FORTUNE, I went to great lengths to respect the feel of the genre while not duplicating what’s already been done.

In fact (and I HATE to say this), while researching I got so deep into the mechanics of time travel, I actually found a hole in the Back to the Future series. And I’m a dedicated – almost religious – BTTF fan. It happens in the 2nd movie, when Marty McFly is in 2015. He has to sneak into his home of the future to rescue his girlfriend, Jennifer, who’s been brought there by the police. Young Marty’s presence in that reality would suggest that he safely made it back to the present creating (or continuing) a timeline that would lead to that moment. Assuming that to be true, “old” Marty would know that young Marty was in the house – because he would’ve experienced it himself as a teenager. Of course (spoiler alert for those of you who haven’t gotten around to seeing it since it came out in 1989), Marty goes back to his present time and changes the future. But Marty being in his future house would have stuck with him.

Confusing? Try writing a time travel story from scratch knowing some nerd like me is going to look for holes in it!!!

In any case, that interpretation doesn’t nix Back to the Future’s place on my personal Top 5 Best Time Travel Movies. In hopes that a film adaptation of HISTORY AMENDED someday graces the list, they are:

1. Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day

2. Twelve Monkeys

3. Back to the Future Trilogy

4. Star Trek (the new one)

5. Peggy Sue Got Married (mainly because I enjoy the vocal stylings of Nic Cage, Jim Carrey and “The Definitions”)

What’s on your list of the best time travel movies?